A revolutionary way to dig!

The Aircavator was designed to revolutionize they way mitigation suction pits are dug. Electrical and plumbing lines are no longer a worry with our safe digging method.

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Aircavator Radon Ready Kit

About Us

Aircavator Tools was Co-founded by Ralph and Kelly Quin. The technology used has been developed over the past 10 years and tested by Ralph, a licensed Radon Mitigator. Aircavator Tools uses the patented process of high powered air to expand and dismantle the tiny air pockets that all compact soil has. This revolutionary process makes digging a breeze.

  • RadonAway

    RadonAway is our exclusive partner in the Radon and Vapor Intrusion Industries. For more information, visit their website. https://www.radonaway.com/

  • Aircavator

    Coming Soon

    Aircavator Tools is exploring new industries and will be releasing new tools for the plumbing and electrical industry soon!

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